This or That Thursday

Sometimes I plan on going to a fast food joint specifically to get a fatty thing knowing full well that it’s not the best choice and that’s fine. . .  sometimes. But more often than not, if I end up getting fast food it is not something I sought out to do. It was because it was fast. Or because we’ve been out running errands all day. Or because the people I’m with want it. Or it’s the only place available. Or, or, or. . .

So, in October 2009 (shortly after I re-joined Spark People) I put together a fast food cheat sheet. The basic idea was that if I ended up at any of these places, I could look to my cheat sheet for two things. 

1) To figure out what I SHOULD NOT have. On the cheat sheet I included what I normally would get from each place and how many calories were in it. This was just a simple reminder. I could not ignore the fact that a Whopper Jr. with fries was going to be 850 calories (or worse, that an Original Chicken sandwich with fries is 1,100 calories) if it was looking me right in the face.

2) To help me remember what I SHOULD have. For all of the places I included, I came up with a better option. More times that I can remember I’ve gone places and thought I was ordering a healthy grilled chicken sandwich only to find out that it was worse than just getting a cheeseburger!! With the cheat sheet, I had a fall back in case I didn’t know what to get.

Now, if it is one of those times I have something in mind and it was planned out, I don’t consult the cheat sheet. And sometimes when it wasn’t planned I don’t either. . . these are the times when palm hits forehead. The other times though, the cheat sheet comes out and ta-da!! I’ve got a less damaging meal in front of me!!

The original cheat sheet itself, I made in Excel and formatted it to tri-fold so it would fit in the side pocket of my wallet. I included restaurants that are around me that I would typically end up at. Also, I only included calories because that was what I was counting on Spark. More recently I’ve started to pay attention to sodium. And my husband is a type 1 diabetic so carbs are on his radar.

You may be asking yourself, “So what exactly is This or That Thursday???”

While I was up the other night when one of our dog had an. . . accident. I couldn’t fall back asleep because I had an idea for This or That Thursday!! Bring the cheat sheet to life!! Now once a week on Thursdays, I will try to post a blog with something you can add to your own cheat sheet should you be so inclined!!! Let me know if you hate this and I will stop doing it. Until then. . . here it is!!!

We are a Domino’s family. Is there anything better than a Deep Dish Pepperoni pizza?? Not in my book! All that melty cheese that slides around when the delivery guy has driven too fast. That doughy delicious crust and crunchy sides of the yummy pepperoni!! Just thinking about it I can smell the butter and garlic!!

But THAT is not the best choice all that time. There are times when I do choose THAT, but usually it’s a big EN.OH.

Instead I usually end up with THIS: a slightly better for me version on thin crust!! I LOVE thin flaky crust! I may have even begun to prefer it if you can believe that!! (I’ll always have love for the deep dish though. . .) The crust is still garlicky. The cheese is still melting all over. The pepperoni still has those crunchy edges!! And more times than not, the thin crust kicks that pizza craving to the curb.

 Here’s the stats* for 1/8th of a medium pie directly from 





Total Calories:  




Total Fat (g):  




Sodium (mg):  




Carbs (g):  




Protein (g):  




If you’re anything like me, you aren’t stopping at 1/8th of a pie. You’re eating 2 or 3. . . or 4 times that much!! THIS means you’re saving anywhere between 190 and 380 calories at this meal!! THIS means that even if you eat HALF a pizza you’re only eating 660 calories. I know that’s still a LOT of calories but really. You’re eating delivery pizza. What do you expect?!?!?

Also, just so you know, and as a reminder to myself, if you’re thinking of order one of those Bread Bowl Pastas, think twice!! Chicken Alfredo Bread Bowl pasta comes in at a whopping 1,400 calories for the whole thing!!!

 *I think these are pretty typical stats people look at when trying to lose weight. If you’re interested in this and would like to see other stats, let me know and I’ll look into adding them.


4 thoughts on “This or That Thursday

  1. Good post! I find the thin crust a little weird. I love the Brooklyn style crust (which is similar to the local pizza joints here in South Jersey which are on every corner – there are 2 across the street from each other and another a block away and they are always all busy!). Anyway, only problem with Brooklyn style is that the smallest size it comes in is large! Can’t a girl get a medium pizza?!
    ~Ang (sugirl06 from SP!)

  2. I love it. It’s easy enough to make small improvements if we put in the work up front, and this is proof!

    Well done.


  3. I think this is a great idea for a blog. A more in-time real-life application than carrying around a big Eat This Not That book. Love me some thin crust.

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