Sunday is a day meant for relaxation. It’s a day meant for family dinners, quality nap time and. . . toolin’ around at the lake?!?!? Yep!! That’s exactly how we spent our day!

I woke up bright and early with one thing on my mind. Getting out on the lake!! We had made semi-formal plans with my family to get out on the boat on Sunday. When Sunday came, my parents couldn’t make it but we did meet my sister, brother-in-law and nephew at the first lake. My dad had suggested it but it was WAY to small for the boat so we hit up another lake nearby. It just so happens that the second lake is right by very good friends of ours so we called them up. He came out with their three kids but she was working.

We all had a really good time!! The weather was perfect as far as beach weather goes. I like it best when it’s SUNNY and HOT!! Not so hot you can’t breath but hot enough where you are forced into the water every so often. And I don’t like a breeze. When there’s a breeze and you’re wet, it tends to get a little chilly. Goosebumps and all are not what I want at the beach!

We spent most of the day swimming and playing around in the water. The kids kept yelling to the guys to “throw me!!!” which meant they wanted to be picked up and thrown as far as they could be into the air so they could splash into the water! Very funny!! There was tubing and deep water diving off the boat too. Chelsea taught the other kids how to wear a life jacket like a diaper which they thought was hilarious and the best thing ever.

When we left the lake we headed down to the bar and grill to visit our friend, the wife and mother of our beach buddies, where she works and to have dinner. I had pretty much the best Italian Panini I’ve had ever before in my life! It was delicious! My husband had a sandwich, I think it was called the Louisiana, that was FANTASTIC. Who knew a bar and grill in this little town would have such good food?!?! We also shared a plate of Potato Skins covered in cheese and bacon with the table.

I know, I know. You may be saying, “Italian Panini, cheese and bacon, umm. . .how is THAT healthy living OR making the right choice?” And that’s before I even tell you about the most amazing frozen, yet super soft, chocolate chunk cookies she gave us!!!

Here’s how. I cut the sandwich in half because it was huge. Then I cut it in half again to make it easier to pick up and less messy. By the time I got done eating 1/4 of the sandwich I knew I would not be eating the whole thing. I did eat half. I ate probably 3/4 of my fries. I ate two potato skins. And I ate my cookie. Now, I’m not going to pretend like that’s not a lot of food. It was. But here’s what: I didn’t eat it all. And sometimes that’s the best choice a gal can make.

Well, that is a close second to the choice to eat that cookie!!

Thanks to my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and friends for making it a GREAT Sunday!!

AND I will be sweatin’ out those potato skins today over lunch followed shortly by eating the other half of that sandwich, with a side of fruit and sans cookie this time!!

Question: What’s your favorite way to spend Sundays? I’m pretty sure this one takes the cake. The only thing I might have changed was to try to get a nap in. I LOVE naps!! No nap meant a great night of sleeping though so it worked out well!


One thought on “Sundays

  1. Sounds like a great day!
    It’s too funny though, I’m prepping a blog for sometime this week on what it means/what it takes to be a healthy living blogger. Exactly what you pointed out! Moderation is definitely one of things going in there 😉

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