I know you want me, you know I want cha

It’s been a LONG time since we’ve purchased pop (or soda if you live anywhere but MN!!) to keep at home. Really it’s been MONTHS!! Maybe over a year even??? I’ll buy a 20 oz occasionally. A few times a week I’ll get a fountain soda with my lunch. Or if we’re out to dinner I’ll get one. But that’s the extent of it.

I know a lot of people don’t think Diet Coke has its place in a healthy life but whatev!! I like it once in a while. I stopped buying it by the case. Now when I drink a pop, I’m fully conscious of the decision. I do it on purpose instead of opening the fridge, standing in front of it for two seconds, grabbing a soda and drinking it without thought.

That being said, I do know it’s not good for me or my family, so we’ve moved on to other beverages.  

Yesterday was one of those “occasions” where I wanted a soda. I was in a consumption kind of mood and it wasn’t just food. After Zumba, I stopped at Target and heck if I didn’t see the 20 oz Diet Coke in the checkout lane eyeballing me!! It was looking at me and singing,

“I know you want me.
You know I want cha.
I know you want me.
You know I want cha!”

Okay. Maybe it wasn’t singing that. Maybe I just had the song left over in my head from Zumba class. Either way the Diet Coke won. I paid for it. Then I drank it.

Chelsea asked if she could have a sip. After telling her no, her asking again, me telling her no again, her asking AGAIN for just this much while holding her thumb and forefinger about a quarter of an inch apart then her marking it on the bottle. . . I let her have a sip. I was really always going to let her. I was just giving her a hard time!!

After her sip she made a face and said, “That’s really sweet!”

It’s good to cut back on something that’s not healthy for you but it’s even better when you pass healthy habits down to your kids!!


2 thoughts on “I know you want me, you know I want cha

  1. Ha! When I was reading the words to the song I was thinking about the moves from Zumba!
    So glad your kids have learned to think soda is too sweet 🙂 I have soda now and then when I am out and really craving something. Its less than once a month so I figure no big deal! That or I sneak a few sips of my hubby’s soda!

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