This or That Thursday: Chipotle

I remember the first time I visted Chipotle. My husband had been talking about it for a long time. There was one near where he worked so he went there pretty regularly with co-workers for lunch. Then Chipotle opened near home. He brought me there and it was love at first taste. I ordered a chicken burrito with rice, cheese, corn salsa and lettuce. Of course I couldn’t eat the whole thing the first time but I was hooked. That rice!! (Licking the drool from my lips. . .) I’m no foodie so I didn’t know what was in it but I could have eaten just that and been impressed. And the atmosphere was unlike any other fast food restaraunt I’d ever been to. It was clean, spacious, energtic and they played loud music. Plus, ours had a patio. It was just plain cool.

Before I knew it, it had become one of my favorite, go-to fast food restaraunts. And it wasn’t just me that was becoming infatuated with Chipotle. In fact, I think I was late to the party!! I even had an accounting teacher who preached about it! He told us the history with McDonalds, the philosophy, his favorite burrito. . . it was his favorite stock!

I started to learn more about the company and my love grew. People were starting to question their food and the idea of “food with integrity” really was on point with what people were talking about. Maybe I have that wrong and Chipotle made people start questioning??? Either way, it was happening and just going there made me feel better about eating fast food.

BUT, behind all that love were LOTS of calories. That burrito, the one I first ordered, was my staple. It’s all I ever ordered. Well, until I found the chips and I started to order them too!! That burrito came in at 795 calories and I don’t even get beans, sour cream or guac!!! I didn’t usually eat ALL of the burrito but I have eaten it all. That was typically followed by me curling up on my couch, in my fat girl sweat pants, waiting for my stomach to digest until it didn’t hurt so bad!!

My frequent trips needed to either stop or revamp. Of course I chose to revamp!! A friend told me about the Burrito Bowl. All the deliciousness without the shell!! I started getting a Burrito Bowl with chicken, rice, corn salsa, cheese and lots of lettuce. Then, I also started to cut the cheese order without cheese. No shell, no cheese. THIS makes going to Chipotle a little more friendly on the waist line!!

Total Calories: 795 410
Total Fat (g): 28.5 11
Sodium (mg): 1780 935
Carbs (g): 84 41
Protein (g): 52 38


Two simple little changes and all of a sudden my Chipotle runs aren’t looking so bad!! This is saving me 385 calories!! This is saving a whole meal’s worth of calories!! Yeah, yeah. The sodium is still outrageous but. . . it’s fast food so we gotta give a little on something right?

I did recently tell a friend on SparkPeople who is just getting a Chipotle in her town to try the burrito once. . . the shells are after all DE-licious!! But I also told her to switch to bowls after that.

And, two other things worth noting:
1) The chips pack a 507 calorie punch!!! Don’t forget that!!
2) The kids taco kit comes with 2 tacos, chips and a drink. Chelsea gets the soft shell tacos with chicken, rice and lettuce. Including the kids chips and diet coke this rings in at 470 calories. Not a terrible alternative for those of you that NEED that shell AND those chips!!


3 thoughts on “This or That Thursday: Chipotle

  1. So jealous. We don’t have a Chipotle where I live but I used to go quite often when I lived in Brooklyn! Yum! We have Moe’s here (and a local burrito place too). At Moe’s, I order the Joey Junior which is basically just a smaller burrito. I can still have my regular ol’ burrito (just smaller and without cheese, sour cream, etc.) at only 380 calories! The problem with Moe’s though is they give you the chips for free 8-|

    • Totally!! Sometimes you just need that shell!!! I was there last Friday with a friend for lunch and convinced him to get the bowl. He said, “It’s jut not the same. You’d think it would be. . . but it’s not.” Not the same but a good substitute sometimes!!

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