Give ground beef, take Chex Mix!

Life’s all about give and take.
Give my time at work. Take a paycheck.
Give a penny to the jar. Take a penny from the jar.
Give in and make dinner. Take a seat while you watch your hubby do the dishes.
Give the dogs a walk. Take their slobbery kisses as a thank you.

Today, I giving and taking too. I’m giving up ground beef in my spaghetti sauce and I took Chex Mix with my lunch.

The ground beef in the freezer was specifically for spaghetti night. But I was starving all morning. I drank my smoothie for breakfast. I ate my Zone bar for morning snack. I ate the second half of my banana. I even ate some of my lunchtime grapes. All before my workout. But when I got done working out I was still hungry. Knowing that I’d eaten most of my lunchtime fruit for a second morning snack, I had no choice but to get the Chex Mix right?

That’s what I thought.

So no ground beef for us. Chicken breasts instead. I guess I can’t say I hate that! I actually really like chicken with spaghetti.

That should allow me to stay where I need to be for the day!!


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