This or That Thursday: Jimmy John’s

To me, sandwiches seem like they should just be healthy. So when I go to a sandwich shop instead of a burger joint, I usually have on my high and mighty pants. Kind of like when I order a salad for dinner at a restaraunt instead of a bacon cheeseburger and fries. Or when I order the bacon cheeseburger but get the fresh fruit instead of fries.

But, it turns out that sandwiches apparently are not inherently healthy. When they are lathered in mayo, cheese, bacon, meatballs, salami, etc. they can actually be quite UNhealthy. Who knew?

My go to sandwich at Jimmy John’s is actually not that bad. It’s a Turkey Tom. As with all fast food it seems, the sodium content is outrageous but calorie wise it’s alright with only 515 calories as it comes on the menu. That’s still a little high when you are trying to stick to a lower calorie range.

My solution? No mayo. I know a lot of people would think this is too dry for a sandwich but I don’t mind it at all. The meat and veggies keep it from being too dry for me.

I was actually a little shocked the first time I visited the Jimmy John’s nutrition page and removed the mayo. The mayo is a HUGE calorie suck!! Removing it makes such a difference. This one little change takes away 37% of the calories and 96% of the fat!!!

Total Calories:            515            322            193
Total Fat (g):              22                1              21
Sodium (mg):         1,094            920            174
Carbs (g):              50              50               –  
Protein (g):              24              24               –  

By the way, they have a great nutrition page where you can totally customize your sandwich and get really fast, easy nutrition information for your changes.

If this is not for you, a good substitute might be to add the Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard. Where the mayo adds 193 calories, the mustard only adds 8!! Or, I keep light mayo packets around. I have them at home and I have them at work and they only add 35-40 calories.

Oh and PS, the Chocolate Chunk Cookie is amazing as it should be for 421 calories!! Eek!!


One thought on “This or That Thursday: Jimmy John’s

  1. I never really liked mayo so I was pretty lucky! I love mustard so thats an easy substitute for me. Also, if I’m really craving cheese on my sandwich, you really don’t need a dressing then, the cheese adds enough moisture but its not always low cal!

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